Beach Whiskey Company Acquires American Harvest® Organic Vodka

Beach Whiskey Company Acquires American Harvest® Organic Vodka

Award-winning craft organic vodka highlights farm-to-bottle movement

I’m pleased to share our acquisition of American Harvest Organic Vodka from the Frank family. This is an incredible brand and we could not be more excited to add it to our Beach Whiskey Company portfolio. Our Beach Whiskey™ is taking off and we have had the most incredible reception from the trade including some of the most important national accounts in the industry. This is driving us to move faster and rollout nationally early. The addition of American Harvest fits perfectly with this effort as it was national and in most of the key national accounts under Sidney Frank Importing Company.


We believe the new branding (packaging) fits perfectly the farm to glass, sustainable nature of American Harvest. While the old packaging was unique, this new look, with American glass and recycled paper label, disclosing the source of all ingredients is on message. I hope you all like it.

I look forward to bringing both Beach Whiskey and American Harvest to market and to scale this year. Below is the official announcement:

The Beach Whiskey Company, a national spirits company, announced today its acquisition of American Harvest Vodka®, an American-made organic vodka, which merges the farm-to-bottle movement with the exploding craft spirits category.

American Harvest Vodka was created by the Sidney Frank Importing Company (SFIC) in 2011 and gained a strong national foothold by 2014. When SFIC was acquired by Jägermeister of Germany in 2015, the Frank family retained ownership of the brand. The sale of American Harvest to the Beach Whiskey Company returns the brand to one of its creators, Bill Henderson, now Chief Marketing Officer of Beach Whiskey.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Organic and craft spirits have shown significant growth over the past five years, and Double Gold Medal-winner American Harvest has already shown its ability to stand apart from other super-premium vodkas,” said Smoke Wallin, CEO, Beach Whiskey Company. “Now is the time for a national organic craft vodka, and American Harvest Vodka fits seamlessly into the Beach Whiskey portfolio while accelerating our national growth plans. Distributors who previously carried American Harvest are eager to have it back, and this is creating additional opportunities for the Beach Whiskey portfolio.”

American Harvest is handcrafted in small batches from American wheat and distilled with 100 percent certified organic ingredients to yield a distinctly smooth spirit with a crisp, clean and slightly sweet hint of real agave. The wheat is estate grown from a single family farm, and the water is from a protected source beneath the Snake River Water basin.
“American Harvest is a brand near and dear to my heart,” said John Frank, former Chairman of Sidney Frank Importing Company and new member of the Beach Whiskey Advisory Board. “We went to incredible lengths to ensure purity from farm to bottle in creating this truly American spirit.  I’m pleased to see American Harvest in the hands of Beach Whiskey’s very capable team, and I look forward to contributing to their portfolio’s exciting growth.”

“Acquiring American Harvest made perfect sense to all of us at Beach Whiskey as we look to create value for our investors and bring innovation and a great marketing to our trading partners, “ said Andrew McGinnis, co-founder and Chairman of Beach Whiskey Company

“While craft spirits have taken off, so too are consumers becoming increasingly focused on the provenance of their food. They want to know who raises their beef and from which farm their fruits and vegetables are sourced,” said Bill Henderson, Beach Whiskey CMO. “American Harvest Vodka was created because we believe the same can and should be true for spirits.”
American Harvest Vodka (40% ABV) will be returning to shelves across the country and is expected to regain its national footprint in 2017. SRP: $24.99/750ml.

Here is a video on the American Harvest brand story… (old bottle):

American Harvest Organic Vodka Full Video Story from J. Smoke Wallin on Vimeo.

About The Beach Whiskey Company
The Beach Whiskey Company is a disruptive brand innovator in the adult beverage space that is building a portfolio of rapidly growing national brands. The Beach Whiskey portfolio includes Beach Whiskey Bonfire Cinnamon™, Beach Whiskey Island Coconut™ and American Harvest Organic Vodka®.

Beach Whiskeyâ„¢ is a reimagined take on traditional whiskey. A line of smooth, clear, naturally flavored American whiskies made for sun worshiping, moon chasing, fun seekers, Beach Whiskey offers day-drinkable flavor profiles presented in sea glass-inspired bottles. No matter where you are, our mission is to bring the beach—”your place in the sun” —to thirsty, fun-loving whiskey drinkers everywhere. Please sip and swim responsibly!

American Harvest Organic Vodka® is proudly handcrafted in small batches from organic American wheat, certified organic ingredients and Snake River water.
For more information, please visit:



Taliera Holdings

Carmel, IN – October 2, 2008– Taliera Texas Brands, LLC announced today that it has re-launched Red Eye Bloody Mary across the U.S.  Red Eye is a leading Bloody Mary brand in the Texas market with a growing presence in markets throughout the U.S.   
 “This re-launch of the Red Eye brand is our first step in creating value for our shareholders, our customers, and our team,” said J.

Smoke Wallin, CEO of Taliera Holdings.   “Red Eye’s new premium brand packaging represents our first major move since acquiring Red Eye in March.  Our strategy is to provide our brand with the marketing support and senior level attention necessary to enhance its market position, leverage our industry relationships to expand its distribution, and successfully launch line extensions and new products.”
Red Eye New Packaging Now Available:

 Red Eye New Labels
“We are very excited by the new premium Red Eye,” said Don Hammond, President of Taliera Texas Brands. “Red Eye has been a strong Texas brand for nearly 25 years and has had widespread success in select markets around the US.  Taliera has moved to activate this brand with the wine, spirits and beer distributors across the nation.”  Mr. Hammond, who began his career with P&G and Gallo and has extensive experience in both large spirits brand companies and wholesalers, continued, “When we looked closely at the Red Eye footprint, we realized it was being distributed in a handful of states, by some of the finest distributors in the industry, all of whom we know.  Red Eye simply needed focused sales and marketing support to gain additional distribution in national accounts, large retailers and control states.  This national re-launch is our first step in executing our plan.”
U.S. retail sales of gourmet, specialty and premium foods and beverages are growing at much faster rates than those of the overall food and beverage industry, surging 10.9% to $59.0 billion in 2007 and posting a compound annual growth rate of 11.1% for the 2003-2007 period.  Within the total cocktail mix business, industry estimates for market size are over $750 million annually.  The specialty, gourmet and all-natural segment of cocktail mixes is growing at significantly higher growth rates than the overall market.  With over 39 million gourmet consumers in the U.S. today, these trends are expected to continue for the next decade.
Red Eye Brand Bold and Sassy Bloody Mary Mix is a complete Bloody Mary Mix with natural ingredients.  It is handcrafted in small batch production.  Red Eye has a big Texas taste that beats all the rest.

Red Eye Brand
“In these challenging economic times, the global beverage industry provides a safe haven for intelligent investment,” said Mr. Wallin.  “We believe tough market conditions create opportunities if you know where to look.  Red Eye is an example of this strategic worldview.”
About Taliera
Taliera is a company focused on acquiring and operating businesses and brands in the global beverage industry. Taliera’s team and partners have extensive experience in the global beverage alcohol and consumer packaged goods industries.  Red Eye is Taliera’s first brand acquisition and provides entry into the global beverage, specialty, natural and organic food markets.   

About Red Eye Blood Mary
Red Eye Bloody Mary Mix is made in Texas with the perfect combination of quality, all-natural ingredients and the highest standards. As incredible as it may seem, Red Eye Bloody Mary is sold throughout the country, but is still made in the 300 gallon kettles used when it was first created in 1985. Made with “tender loving care,” this unique quality controlled process places Red Eye in the category of a boutique operation. 

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