Strategic Solutions for Brands & Companies

Smoke brings a range of strategic consulting services to companies and brands.  His understanding of consumer brands, distribution and route to market, national account on and off premise retailers and technology is unparalleled.  His network is next to none.  He is focused on high value engagements with select partners to achieve extraordinary results.

Smoke’s core advisory practice includes: 1. Company and brand strategy from inception to launch to growth & turn around;  2. Distribution & sales strategy from wholesale to retail to consumer in the US and internationally;  3.  Executive search and recruitment and board / advisory. For more check out

Core Advisory Services:

  • Company & Brand Strategy
    • Strategic Assessment – Rapid assessment of your current business situation and creation of actionable strategic plans in established or early stage enterprises.
    • Brand Creation – Brand development from concept to shelf.
    • Brand Launches – If you feel you already have your brand ready to go, you now need to get it into the market and available to consumers.  Smoke will create a complete strategy for brand launch to increase your brand’s chance of success within the desired investment budget.
    • New Business Creation – Smoke will work with a select number of highly promising start-ups to refine their business, strategy and offerings to the market.
    • Financial models – Experience based financial planning for brands and companies.
    • Capital Advisory – Selectively assist businesses with understanding their capital structure, needs, and the right partners that match their business strategy as they grow.
    • Business deals – acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, due diligence and advisory on deals large and small.
    • Strategic Technology Use – Are you leveraging the best of class tools that are available to run your business and reach your target customers and consumers efficiently and effectively?


  • Distribution & Sales
    • Route to Market – Strategic assessment and execution of existing and new brand routes to market and distribution.
    • National Sales – Review of national sales structures and effectiveness based on business strategy.  Direct assistance with sales efforts.
    • National Account Management – Smoke will conduct a strategic assessment of your national account penetration and effectiveness and develop a complete strategy to meet your company & brand goals.  Whether  national retailers or national On-Premise hospitality & restaurant companies, Smoke has key relationships and deep understanding of how best to work with these important buyers.  He has activated brands in these channels AND set up the structure and teams for companies for their own ongoing success in these accounts.
    • International Strategies for brands and companies – Smoke has done business around the globe and has a network of partners in virtually any country a brand is looking to enter or do business.


  • Executive Search and Recruitment and Board Advisory
    • Executive Search & Recruitment – Smoke has an unparalleled network of high performing executives throughout business.  On a highly selective basis, Smoke will work with clients discretely to find the right person for top-level positions that demand results.
    • Board and Management Advisory – Does your board need a strategic audience?  Do you need industry experience on your board? Does your CEO need coaching to achieve full potential?


  • Applying new technologies and business models to existing industries.
    • Commercializing new technology  and creating full fledged business models.
    • Marketing and route to market strategy for gaining acceptance and rolling out technologies.