How are you going to sell that extra wine???? Spend the Week in NY, get involved in Wine 2.0 New York!

If you are on the fence or thinking about leaving your backyard to go sell some wine, Wine 2.0 NY is the perfect event to plan it around. You can’t sell all that extra juice sitting in wine country. Get out with consumers and have some fun and SELL SOME WINE! Here is my suggestion if you hired me (they pay me a lot of money for this kind of advise by the way):

  • Fly to NY Monday am, get checked in have wine dinner Monday night at key location with 50 members of your mailing list.
  • Tuesday: Work the trade. Don’t go to NY unless you plan to hustle. Go visit the top 10 retailers in the city. Bring some new releases and labels to show. Work it!
  • Tuesday Evening: Wine dinner with key restaurant buyers. Have your distributor set it up. IF you don’t have one, get on the phone and call top restaurants who know your wines and invite them.
  • Wednesday: work the trade. Go visit 10 more accounts including some top restuarants for new distribution.
  • Wednesday Evening: trade tasting at Wine 2.0 – visit with 100s of buyers and key trade folks to try your wines and learn about your brands
  • Wednesday Evening More: consumer event at Wine 2.0 – visit with 1,000 consumers who love wine, are into tech and have money to spend. BUILD your list and capture emails for your clubs and follow on activity. Work it!
  • Thursday: follow up meetings and a few more calls. Another dinner if you can hack it or must take a break and go eat Thai food and chill out with some Singha :).
  • Friday: fly back home.

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