New Brand Founded By Australian Wine Legend Bob Oatley, Founder Of Rosemont Estates, Will Jumpstart Marketing Push With Participation In Over 15 Events Around The US For 2009

San Francisco, CA (NEWSWIRE), February 10, 2009, Wine 2.0, the innovator in social networking and events in the wine industry, today announced that Robert Oatley Vineyards has signed on as a Cornerstone Sponsor for the entire 2009 Wine 2.0 Events Season consisting of over 15 consumer and trade events around the US.

“Wine 2.0 is very excited to have Robert Oatley Vineyard’s participate in our 2009 Event Season. Bob Oatley is a trendsetter in the wine industry and understands what it takes to successfully launch and grow a brand. In today’s tough economic times, connecting face-to-face and online with your consumer is priority one for innovative brands.”, Said J.Smoke Wallin, Chairman, Wine 2.0 .  “In 2009 Wine 2.0 will connect with over 15,000 – 20,000 consumers at face-to-face experiential events and thousands more online. We’re looking forward to helping Robert Oatley Vineyards find new consumers and longtime buyers in 2009.

Bob Oatley is a proud and passionate Aussie who has taken Australian wine to the world.

His wines have topped Australian and American sales, been found on the world’s best wine lists and awarded some of the highest possible international accolades.

Bob Oatley has been producing outstanding Australian wines for over 40 years, taking them around the world to great success and critical acclaim. The Robert Oatley Vineyards team are well aware of what Australia can do best and constantly look to innovate. They combine estate‑grown and grower-supplied grapes to produce a very reliable, modern, highly drinkable range of exceptional Australian table wines at the family winery in Mudgee, Australia. In 2008 he launched Robert Oatley Vineyards and the Robert Oatley wine brand in the US market.

“Wine 2.0 is exactly what Robert Oatley Vineyard’s needs right now. Their innovative and flexible event platform with multiple formats combined with online social networking allows us to connect with thousands of wine lovers and wine trade members both online and face-to-face. As a new brand in the US, our goal is to reach and provide tastes for as many wine consumers as possible, and we believe the superb quality and unrivaled value of Robert Oatley Vineyard’s wines will shine through. Wine 2.0 gives us that ability in a consistent and focused way.” Said Mark Giordano, President, Robert Oatley Vineyards USA.

About Wine 2.0â„¢ – “Blending the Line Between Wine & Technology”
Wine 2.0™ is the innovator in social networking and events in the wine industry. With a focus on the next generation wine consumer, Wine 2.0 breaks down the barriers to learning about, experiencing, and enjoying wine.   Wine 2.0 events feature a rich diversity of world class wines and the newest generation of emerging technology companies, services and communication tools that are changing the world of wine.  (Get Social at

Wine 2.0 has a limited number of Cornerstone “Whole Season” Sponsorships available in key product and service segments.  Contact Abdi Humphries at or via phone at (707) 815-2201 for information on available sponsorship packages.

About Robert Oatley Vineyards
Robert Oatley Vineyards is the new wine business of Bob Oatley, the man who took Rosemount Estate to the world. Bob Oatley began his career in wine in the 1960’s and quickly established a reputation as an innovative entrepreneurial winemaker, creating labels and wine styles that took the wine world by storm.

Robert Oatley Vineyards is the next exciting stage in this Australian family’s love affair with wine. Lead by Bob and run by his family and team of long-standing and new winemakers and marketers, Robert Oatley Vineyards will take the family’s 40 years of experience in crafting market leading Australian wines to the world.

Robert Oatley Vineyards is built around the family’s extensive vineyard holdings and modern winery in Mudgee, New South Wales combined with a diverse selection of winegrowers across the nation.

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