Four New Live Event Formats Offer Multiple Opportunities For Brands to Connect With Over 15,000 Consumers

Online Social Network Surpasses 1,700 Members In First 60 Days


San Francisco, CA (PRNEWSWIRE) December 9, 2008 – Wine 2.0, the innovator in social networking and events in the wine industry, today announced its 2009 schedule and four new event formats.  The four new event formats offer participating companies and wineries more opportunities to connect with consumers and wine trade in many of the top U.S. markets. Wine 2.0 has scheduled 15 major events throughout the U.S. in 2009.

“In today’s difficult economic environment, Wine 2.0’s mission is more important than ever: To connect brands and consumers in exciting new ways.  Ramping up Wine 2.0 is the right thing to do, to drive business for our winery partners, service providers and trade”, Said J. Smoke Wallin, Chairman, Wine 2.0.  He continued, “While the on-premise business is very tough now, and consumers are not taking as many trips to wine country to buy at the winery, Wine 2.0 brings the wine country to consumers. This should be an important part of every winery’s brand plan for 2009.”

The New Wine 2.0 Event Formats for 2009 are:

Wine 2.0 Expo: Provides a trade and consumer focused platform in a major trade show pavilion format. Wine 2.0 Expo events are the perfect showcase for our partners to promote their new products or wine release to both the wine trade and 1,500 to 3,000+ consumers.

Wine 2.0 Experience:  Provides partnerships with 3rd party consumer-facing events which offer our partners an established event with targeted demographic. Wine 2.0 Experience events target 250 – 1,500 consumers.

Wine 2.0 Business/Law School: Provides partnerships with top business and law schools to bring the wine world to active business and law school students and alumni. Each event offers an education and wine tasting component. Wine 2.0 Business/Law school events feature 250 – 1,000 people.

Wine 2.0 Reserve: Are more intimate events featuring select wineries and consumers. Reserve events will offer an education and wine tasting component and can be an ideal event format for major organizations interested in a unique turn-key event for clients, shareholders or employees.

“Wine 2.0 events represent the beginning of a whole new era in wine”, said Anthony Dias Blue, CEO, Blue Lifestyles at Wine 2.0 New York.

“The innovators in Web 2.0 and Wine 2.0 are changing the way that people interact, communicate and learn about products and purchase them in every industry.   Wine 2.0 is combining a social network with live events to reach out to these emerging consumer markets on a fun, educational and energetic platform.” Said Cornelius Geary, Founder and CEO, Wine 2.0

The 2009 Wine 2.0 Schedule includes two Wine 2.0 Expos, San Francisco and New York, eight Wine 2.0 Experiences around the US, at least four Wine 2.0 Business School Events and numerous Wine 2.0 Reserves.

Wine 2.0 has a limited number of Cornerstone “Whole Season” Sponsorships available in key product and service segments.  Contact Abdi Humphries at for information on available sponsorship packages.


Wine 2.0 2009 Event Schedule

January 28-31 :  Wine 2.0 Experience at ZAP

February 5 :  Wine 2.0 @ Haas School of Business @ Crushpad, Berkeley, CA


11-13: Wine 2.0 Reserve – YPO Reserve @Young Presidents Organization Global Leadership Conference

 14:  Wine2.0 @ Miami Grad School TBD, South Beach, Miami, Florida

Date TBD: Wine 2.0 Reserve – private event


2: Wine 2.0 Expo – Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

Date TBD: Wine 2.0 Reserve, private event


8: Wine 2.0 Experience – Wine & Wags @ The Westin, Georgia Humane Society; Atlanta, GA

Date TBD: Wine 2.0 Reserve – private event

Date TBD: May: Wine 2.0 Business/Law School – private event, Palo Alto, CA


19: Wine 2.0 Experience – Sam’s Wine & Spirits, Chicago, IL

Date TBD: June: Wine 2.0 Reserve – private event


13-14: Wine 2.0 Reserve – @WITS End, Wine Industry Technology Symposium, Napa, CA

Date TBD: Wine 2.0 Reserve Pinot Days; Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA


Date TBD: Wine 2.0 Reserve – private event

Date TBD:  Wine 2.0 Reserve New Releases Only -TBD


Date TBD: Wine 2.0 Reserve – private event

Date TBD: Wine 2.0 Business/Law School, private event


Date TBD: Wine 2.0 @ Business/Law School, private event

Date TBD:  Wine 2.0 Experience – TBD


9-10: Wine 2.0 Reserve – Green Wine Summit, Santa Rosa, CA

18: Wine 2.0 Expo –New York, NY

NOTE: This Calendar is subject to change based on changes to agreements and restrictions of market.  Wine 2.0 reserves the right to make changes to calendar at any time