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Carmel, IN – October 2, 2008– Red Eye Texas Style Bloody Mary announced today new premium packaging available for distribution across the U.S.  Red Eye is a leading Bloody Mary brand in the Texas market, with a growing presence in markets throughout the U.S. 

 The showdown has begun!  No Mr., Mrs., or even a Major can come close cuz nothin’ compares to a Texas Bloody Mary.  Born in a chuck wagon during a cattle drive, Cookie (the cook) spiced it with peppers harvested along the side of well-travelled trails.  Tired cowhands relished the sight of this delicious, thick spicy tomato offering.
Red Eye New Packaging Now Available:

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Today Red Eye’s master kettle keeper continues the tradition by using more tomatoes than any other mix and seasoning it like only a true Texan can.  After one sip, you’ll taste the difference and know why Red Eye makes a Bloody Mary that kicks the flavor up a notch.  Our big Texas taste beats all the rest! 
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About Red Eye Blood Mary
Red Eye Bloody Mary mix is made with the perfect combination of quality all-natural ingredients meeting our highest standards. As incredible as it may seem, Red Eye Bloody Mary is sold throughout the country, but is still cooked in 300 gallon kettles and continues to be made with “tender, loving care”, just like on the trail, placing Red Eye in the category of a boutique operation.  Visit our website to see what people are saying about us and read more about Red Eye at

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